Team Approach

No attorney knows every part of the law.  Even seasoned attorneys can sometimes benefit from bouncing ideas with other lawyers and “a fresh set of eyes”.  You can imagine that reading the same police report or expert evaluation can cause tunnel vision and an inability to think outside the box.  While other attorneys don’t have the ability for an informed second opinion, our team can rely on over 120 years of combined experience in fighting your case.  In fact, our attorneys meet regularly to discuss difficult cases and can use our firm’s substantial data bank of motions and successful legal briefings.  We tailor our database of experts and personal investigators to the special needs of your case.

In addition, Criminal cases often involve highly specialized and technical facts that require prior experience for proper analysis.  Indeed,


Specialization and collaboration lead to better results

The Summit Defense team can provide you with:

  • A new perspective
  • Support and encouragement
  • Resources and information
  • Feedback
  • Accountability
  • Help articulating and achieving goals
  • Division of responsibility
  • Advice and counsel

At Summit Defense, our attorneys rely on each other’s prior experience to augment their grasp of law and technical knowledge.  Whether it is Mr. Mchugh’s or Mr. Riley’s background as District Attorneys or Mr. Moore’s background in labor law, or Mr. Andrew’s experience as a police officer, our ability to have a new set of eyes when we are blocked will always be an advantage to your criminal case.



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